The Nutcracker wooden figures are popular decorative items in the Christmas season. Originally from the Erzgebirge, the trend has spread far and you can find this kind of decoration even in distant countries. The Nutcracker is one of the important decoration article besides light arcs, smoking men and pyramids of the Advent season. Your true purpose, opening the nuts they meet only conditionally. They have a lever that opens the mouth by lifting and you can insert a nut that is cracked by pressing down the lever.


Beginning of the 19th Century, when the mining areas were set slowly in the Erzgebirge, the craftsmen sought new fields and began to make wooden toys and decorations. Around 1870 the first Nutcracker were built. In a lathe a circular workpiece is made of a piece of wood with a rotary iron, which is the basic for assembling the products. These are still painted in bright colors with fur and other accessories and decorated. The designs often comes from former rulers such as King, soldiers, foresters who had a grim look and should command respect. This tradition has survived to this day and so are manufactured in the areas to Seiffen, Olbernhau and Neuhausen wooden toys, which are exported all over the world.


The town of Seiffen is the hub of the production of the Erzgebirge folk art. In Neuhausen is also a Nutcracker Museum with the 10.10 meter world's largest Nutcracker.