The Smoker wooden figures are the most common decorative figures at Christmas time in the Ore Mountains. If the Räucherkerzchen kindled within him, exudes a scent in the room, which is connected to all the Erzgebirge, Saxony Vogtland and traditional with the Christmas season.
His scent he exudes through the burning of small 5cm high incense, the glow inside the man to himself, and so cases to 30 minutes or longer in the room a pleasant smell.

Previously, the incense were handmade from dough of charcoal, red beech flour, potato starch and fragrances. Today, many different fragrance flavors are available everywhere, so even exotic like pineapple, baked apple, Caffe Latte or Gingerbread. However, the traditional pine fragrance, incense and sandalwood are still the most popular.


The smoke man heard for centuries in the rooms of the residents of the Ore Mountains and beyond. By 1800, the emerging habit of pipe smoking was taken as an opportunity to put a candle in FIGS. The first smoke men were then made ​​around 1850 from hardwoods, it was abundantly in the forests of the Erzgebirge.

Today Smokers are placed in many homes. You can see in restaurants all collections on the windows. Some model are real classics, but the selection is constantly growing. In shops you can find figures from fairy tales and fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes, Old Shatterhand, Rubezahl or movie characters like the Olsen gang, almost all occupations, athletes, in many different sizes, as Kantenhocker or smoke houses.